by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

You love your pets, but you’d love more if they stop destroying the furniture. And here are some ways to help your pets and furniture coexist peacefully:

1.Trim nails for your pets regularly

You should not blame to your pets for the damaged sofa or floor. It’s not all of their faults. Everyone would feel uncomfortable if the nails are too long. When you trim nails for your pets regularly, they will stop cutting nails with your furniture.

2.Your cats need a scratching post to shift their attention from furniture, and a little catnip will make it more useful

When you are upset, you need a way to vent your feelings, and so are your pets. Scratching something is the nature of your cats, you couldn’t completely repress it.

3.You need a bitter spray to protect your furniture

A bitter spray for dog or cat could effectively make your pets keep off the furniture. Pets do not like the smell of bitter spray, so you just need to spray on the place your pets used to scratch or bite, they would instinctively not be close to these areas.

4.Prepare pet corrector spray as a punitive measure

When your pets refuse to obey commands and attempt to destroy the furniture, a punitive measure is necessary. Pets especially cats are afraid of surprise “attack,”spray can frighten your pets but won’t hurt them. Practice this a few times, make sure he &she understands what are not supposed to do.

5.Purchase pet furniture and give your pets some space

Scientists have done to statistics, a cat needs 150 square meters territory to live comfortably, and dogs require more space to run and jump. If space is not enough, their nature is repressed, they would choose to destroy your furniture to release themselves.

6.Install safety gates on the place pets are not supposed to go

If you want your pets not to enter a room, closing the door won’t be a good idea. Pets would get agitated when blocking their line of sight. Safety gates would be the best solution, which could stop pets from entering the room without getting him&her upset. This way would do better with dogs rather than cats, as we all know the cat has an incredible leaping ability.

7.A dog-proof trash can to keep pet’s curiosity at bay

Pets usually enjoy going through the trash due to their nature. To avoid this, you need a special trash can, which could effectively prevent your pets and also be good for kitchen’s cleanliness.

8.Every big piece of furniture should have a small space underneath

Pets always like hiding under the large pieces of furniture such as sofa and bed. So when decorating your home, you should take this into account. Otherwise, you will find your pets under the bed from time to time, especially the time you blame to him&her.

9.Furniture protector to protect your sofa

It’s a little unkind to prohibit pets keeping off your couch entirely. However, the troublesome pet hair is annoyed. Slipcover could save you from this dilemma, which guard your seats with pet hair and scratches. Tip: the microfiber covers would be easier to clean.

10.Use a waterproof blanket for your bed to save you from happy ~accidents~

Naughty pets sometimes peed on your bed. When you are laying on the bed to find it’s soaked, you must freak out. A waterproof blanket could save you from such happy “accidents.” But of course, the best solution is to train your pets to stop doing things like this~

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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