by Kat Cooper June 26, 2018

Are you in trouble with how to tackle with your old slipcovers? Many of us choose to throw couch covers away when they are old enough or out of style. Sometimes, you are reluctant just to throw it which costs you an arm and a leg. Here are more choices for you to change them into something practical. Let’s get started.

1. Dog clothes

Materials: old slipcovers, dog cloth, Velcro, tailor’s chalk, scissors, sewing machine


Step 1: Select the pattern. Using an existing dog cloth to make a pattern by tracing it on the slipcover. (Remember to add a 1/2 seam allowance)

Step 2: Cut out the pattered cover. Lay the pattern on top of another patterned cover and cut it out.

Step 3: Sew the outer edges. Finish the edges with sewing a hem by machine. And then sew the looped pieces of velcro to the underbelly straps of the cloth.

2. Pet beds

Materials: old slipcovers, fabric marker, scissors, ruler, stuffing(at least 2 pounds)


Step 1: Measure and cut the old slipcover. Fold the sofa cover in half. Estimate the size according to your pets’ and make a half circle. Cut along the line. Use this half circle as a template to cut the second piece.

Step 2: Cut & tie the knots. Cut 3 inch long strips about an inch wide along the half circle, both these two pieces. Then unfold the pieces and overlap them together. Double knot the strips diagonal from each other. Keep knotting and leave an open at the end.


Step 3: Stuff the bed. Fill the dog bed with stuffing. Tie the opening closed when it’s full and fluff the bed.

3. Wall clocks


Materials: old slipcovers, round clock base, scissors, decoupage glue, foam brush


Step 1: Trace and cut out the shape. Trace the edge of the clock base onto the backside of your slipcover and cut out the circle shape.

Step 2: Bonding. Brush decoupage glue onto the top of the clock and place the slipcover on top of the glue.

Step 3: Make a center. Using sharp scissors, cut the center of the clock where the hands will go.

Step 4: Assembling. Place the hands in the center of the clock (per the clock base directions).

4. Rugs


Materials: old slipcovers, scissors, ruler


Step 1: Cut two inch wide strips. Cut the center part of the cover. Cut this part to strips and knot them one by one. You will get a long strip.

Step 2: Braiding. Fold the long strip and tie a knot. Keep one piece aside and start braiding with three strips.

Step 3: Joining the inner and outer. Join the inner and outer with the extra piece as shown and continue all the way around. Then make a knot at the end of the braid.

5. Pillowcases


Materials: old slipcovers, scissors, iron, hem tape, pillow


Step 1: Measure and cut. Measure your throw pillow and cut the old slipcover according to the size of the pillow. Do not forget to cut the two sides of the pillow case. One of the sides should be a little bit longer than another. And the longer one should be cut with the ratio of 3:2.

Step 2: Finish the edges of the pieces. Stick the hem with hem tape and iron the edges. Place the two small pieces on the bigger one and attach the outer edges.

Step 3: Filling. Fill the pillowcase with your pillow, and it’s done.


There are an apparent number of advantages to making your dog clothes, pet bed, wall clock, rug, and pillowcase. These include such things as lower costs, much greater control over fabrics and designs, and something that fits properly.

Kat Cooper
Kat Cooper

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