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by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

How to maintain a leather sofa is always a hot issue among people. The leather sofa is quite sleek, durable and can last long at least five years. Thus, it raises the customers’ buying desire. However, it’s hard to maintain because it’s much easier to split and crack compared to fabric sofa.

The price of leather sofa varies from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars due to its material. Full grain leather sofa is more expensive than processed leather sofa. So the must-do is to take care of it and prolong its lifespan as much as you can. Here are six tips for you.

1.Stay it clean

Keep your leather sofa clean is the priority. You need to vacuum it frequently. If dust and hairs set or drop into sofa’s crevice, it is hard to clean.

When it has stains and spills on the cover, just use the dry cloth to wipe it off as soon as possible. Otherwise, these stains may soak into leather and leave a permanent mark. Remember to use a soft cloth to avoid any scratches. If the oil on the sofa, water cannot work and could even make things worse. You need to use grease cleaner which specifically designed for the leather sofa.

Attention: Don’t use soap, cleaning solvents and detergents. These chemicals will break down the surface gloss of sofa.

2.  Use leather conditioner to keep the leather super glossy

If you want your leather sofa still look brand-new after several years, one of the tips is to clean your couch with leather conditioner every one or two years. It can protect the leather and avoid accidental crack. After using leather conditioner, you’ll be amazed about a fresh gloss of sofa.

3.Avoid direct sunlight and air condition

You should think about the location of your leather sofa. Putting the sofa direct sunlight or straightly under the air condition is harmful to leather and will accelerate fading process. If you leave it unused for a while, please store it carefully. You can cover a piece of cloth on it or move it to the storage room which can save part of space. Don’t replace it with the plastic which may occur scratch accidents due to its harsh material.

4.Sofa protector

Kids and pets always like chasing each other around the house or jump up and down on your leather sofa. When you’re back home, it only leaves you a messy home. Then walk closer, some pets paws or scratches have already been the eternal marks on your leather sofa. To prevent this accident from happening, the quickest measure is to save your furniture with a couch protector. It can mitigate the damage of sofa to some extent. Indeed, kids are born to be troublemakers. If they throw the sofa protector away and keep their tricks, just let it go. How about buying a new fabric one?

5.Attention the discoloration and dyeing issue

Leather can absorb dyes quickly which can change the original color of the sofa. Thus, you shouldn’t place printed materials on it. And do not sit on frequently when you dress a washed-out clothing such as denim or some dark clothes. It can easily dye your leather sofa with light colors.

6.Maintain the shape of your suite

Try to sit on the center of sofa, if not, it may cause uneven sunken and distortion of the leather. If things continue this way, the leather is easy to wrinkle and crack. You should form a good habit to level the seat, arm and back cushions off after usage.

Attention: Never put heavy things on the edge of leather sofa, it will strongly damage the sofa and shorten its lifespan.

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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