April 18, 2021



According to the habitual needs of everyone and each family, you can choose summer mats or light summer quilts. Thick quilts are obviously not suitable. The choice of bedding in winter mainly considers warmth, while in summer, it pays more attention to breathability. Summer bedding products have more contact area with the skin, so the skin-friendly nature of the fabric should also be considered more.


Generally, the windows in the home are equipped with curtains for shading, but the choice of curtains also needs to be changed according to the changes of the seasons. Thicker fabric curtains are fine in winter, but they are too stuffy in summer. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the light transmittance. In winter, we always like to let warm sunlight into the house, and curtains with higher light transmittance (such as 15% shading) are more sensible. In summer, too high light transmittance will not only rapidly increase the indoor temperature and make it too hot, but the harsh sunlight may also damage the floor.


Many people are keen on laying a large pile carpet in the living room. Carpeting in winter can effectively increase the indoor warmth index, and it will also make people feel very warm visually. But put this kind of carpet in summer. If you want to spread something for decoration, you can choose mat surface mats or mats similar to yoga mats.

4.Sofa cushion

Like carpets, furry sofa cushions and cushions are good in winter, but they are too hot to use in summer. Nowadays, there are many ice cushions and cushions similar to silk fabrics on the market, which are more suitable for summer use, at least they will not have the stuffy feeling of fur when they are attached to the body. If conditions permit, you can customize a sofa cover separately. After all, you sweat a lot in summer, and most sofas are prone to sweat stains. Buy two sofa covers and change them once a week. They are clean and hygienic, and cleaning is more convenient than sofa covers.

5.Coat rack

In summer, there are almost no clothes that need to be hung after entering the door. Compared to winter, there are some hats that need to be hung. Therefore, the design of the hallway or the coat rack can be slightly modified, such as adding some hooks for hanging hats and storing sunglasses in summer. In winter, you need to consider the load-bearing capacity when hanging large pieces of clothing, as well as the larger space required for long clothes and thick down jackets.


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