Christmas Shower Curtains & Bath Mat

December 01, 2020

Christmas Shower Curtains & Bath Mat

Why Do We Decorate for Christmas?

Christmas is the colorful and busy time of year. From holiday feasts to stockings hung with care and presents under the tree, Christmas is all about celebration and spending time with friends and family. Part of what makes the holidays so festive is the decoration our homes throughout the holiday season. But why do we decorate for the holiday season?

Symbols of Faith

Nativity Scene in front of Christmas Tree

Long before, the ancient Romans were decorating their homes with wreaths of evergreen as part of their lively celebrations. As one of few plants flowering in the dead of winter, evergreens stood as a symbol for enduring life during the cold, dark season throughout Europe.

Traditions Passed Down Through Generations

Passing along Christmas memories

On Christmas Eve, while decorating the living room, the door, and the other places, you should not forget to decorate the private and daily use place like the bathroom. Even if you're on a tight decorating budget, an easy way to “art up” your bathroom is by simply changing your shower curtain. When your neighbors or relatives come to visit your home, let them feel the Christmas atmosphere in every corner of the house.

Regardless of your preference in decor, adding a bit of holiday cheer to your bathroom or living room gives your entire home a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


Our shower curtains are made with 100% polyesterMaterial-wise, vinyl is hard to beat for its ease of cleaning, just wipe it down with a sponge and soap on occasion.

Easy To Care

Given that shower curtains are constantly getting wet, mold and bacteria can admittedly build up if you don't keep up a regular maintenance routine. Fortunately, I have some good news: you can simply machine wash and tumble dry every single one of our shower curtains!

While washing your shower curtain once a month is ideal, there's no judgment if you slack a little. Just aim to at least throw it in the washer once every three months!  

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