Fabric Care Guide–How to Clean Your Slipcovers

June 25, 2018

Fabric Care Guide–How to Clean Your Slipcovers

Fabric Care Guide–How to Clean Your Slipcovers

In our daily home life, a slipcover is a great choice not only for home decor idea but also for limited cleaning time. In terms of different budget, we would choose slipcovers of different fabrics. So here comes a question which may trouble lots of people: How to wash the slipcover properly to extend its longevity and avoid unnecessary wear during the cleaning process. Next, I would list some common fabrics of slipcovers and introduce respective fabric care guides from three aspects one by one.    

Before washing, please check the fabric care&cleaning instruction on the slipcover to see if it’s pre-washed or pre-shrunk. In general, the sofa cover can be pre-shrunk. If not, you may need dry cleaning or call some professional cleaning company. One more thing needs to check, we all know that not every slipcover can be washed by the washing machine. If not allowed, you must turn to hand wash style.

About stains cleaning, if you don’t know which type of cleaner to choose, you can learn more for a clear and brief introduction of suitable cleaner options.

Now let’s turn to the specific cleaning ways of different slipcovers.



1. Washing

Cotton couch cover is soft, so the best way to wash is hand washing with the soap or hand-wash detergent. If you don’t have enough time, and luckily it allows machine washing, put it into the laundry bag and wash it with cold water in gentle cycle.

Tip-1: The slipcover is easy to deform and wrinkle with high washing cycle.  

Tip-2: For white cotton slipcover, more times you wash, easier to turn yellow the slipcover. You can boil the sofa cover about 30 minutes with washing powder water. After that, your slipcover will become white and clean.

Tip-3: You can add some salts when washing the dark couch cover for the first time to fix the color.

Tip-4: For black cotton slipcover, adding some espresso or strong tea to the last rinsing water can blacken the faded fabrics.            

2. Drying & Ironing

Avoid any direct sunlight drying, cotton is quite easy to fade in this situation. Dry it in the shade for several hours. Not necessary to dry completely, when it is still a little damp, it’s the best time to iron and can avoid some wrinkles and creases.

3. Stains Cleaning

Generally, we recommend choosing some spot detergents which can suit all fabrics. Besides, you can select according to the tag guide on the slipcover.

For safety, test it in an inconspicuous area. Pour the spot remover into a sprayer bottle, sprinkle the liquid on the stain part and use a clean white cloth to scrub it until the spot wipes off.

Tip-1: dont over-rub which may wear the fabric.

Tip-2: Tap water may discolor the fabric and leave some watermarks due to its mineral composition.



For this type of slipcovers, they are widely used because of its durability and affordable price. Another important reason is its convenient cleaning process.

 1. Washing

Throw it into the washing machine with low temperature and gentle cycle. Remember to turn over the outside cover to inside before washing.

2. Drying & Ironing

The polyester doesn’t absorb much water, so you only need tens of minutes to dry it in the dark. This type of couch cover cannot stand hot temperature, so if there are too many folds that need to iron, iron the inside cover to avoid melting.   

3. StainsCleaning

The process to handle spots is similar to cotton slipcovers. Adopt a suitable spot cleanser and dry it quickly.  



For most linen sofa covers, they are more delicate than other fabrics and mostly only allow dry-cleaning. So you need to ask a professional cleaning company for help. To some extent, it reduces your workload, but the only sacrifice is your budget.

If you choose to outsource, you are totally free from the next two steps. Pay the money and you can go!


More and more people are attracted by the gloss and tactility of velvet slipcovers. Its shinning gloss gives an impression of elegance. Of course, its beautiful outlook needs more care. You should pay more attention to its cleaning and care stuff.  

1. Washing

Like linen fabric, most of the velvet couch covers also need hand wash. Indeed, some high-tech washing machine can reach the degree of hand-washing. You can turn the inside cover to outside and throw into a laundry bag with cold water and the gentlest cycle.

2. Drying & Ironing

Drip dry naturally and avoid to wring vigorously which is much harmful to the velvet. Put the cover on the shelf and prevent from direct sunlight after washing.

ATTENTION: Do not iron the velvet sofa cover, you can use a brush to straighten the nap in one direction.   

3. Stains Cleaning

Drop some spot removers and use a sponge brush to scrub with a cycle to remove the stain on both sides of the fiber.

Tips: one direction, one-time scrubbing. 



Can leather sofa cover machine wash? The answer is definitely NOT! You should vacuum it in your daily life and avoid dust deposition. If your naughty kids or fluffy friends make some stains on it, clean it in the first time, or it will leave a permanent spot mark. Use a mild cloth soaked with professional detergent especially for leather fabric. Rub the spot area until it’s all gone. Sometimes, maintenance can avoid the above fiddly cleaning process.


For microfiber fabric, you can check here to know more details about the cleaning issue of microfiber. For other materials I haven’t mentioned above, you can leave a comment and follow our subsequent articles about this topic.

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