How to Choose the Right Dining Chair

March 25, 2021

 A set of comfortable dining tables and chairs can make the dining environment more comfortable. In addition to comfort, chatting is indispensable when dining, so dining chairs also indirectly determine happiness.

However, when choosing a dining table, many people are confused about how to choose a dining table and chairs, so today let's talk about how to choose a dining table and chairs.

Size of the Dining Space

The size of the dining space is a key that must be considered when choosing a table and chair. If there is enough space in the restaurant, try to choose something with a stronger sense of weight, otherwise it will appear out of place.

If the space is not spacious enough, you can choose some thin-leg dining tables, or retractable and foldable dining tables, which usually don't take up space and are enough to deal with when there are many guests.

Overall Style

The choice of dining table and chairs is as important as the sofa in the living room. It must fit the style of the whole home. Just think about it, a set of iron dining tables and chairs in a Japanese-style living room. No matter how beautiful the dining table and chairs are, it is no good if the style does not match.

Production Material

The materials of the dining table and chairs are quite varied, such as common solid wood and tempered glass, as well as popular marble, fired stone, etc. Regardless of the material of the tabletop, it is best to choose solid wood or iron material for the table legs to ensure a stable load-bearing capacity.

Overall Size

This selection factor involves the principles of ergonomics. If the dinette is too high or too short, it will not be comfortable to sit on. The reasonable height of the dining table is 29.5-31 inches, and the height of the dining chair is 17.5-19.5 inches, but this depends on the actual situation.

SUBRTEX PU Leather dining chairs

1. Waterproof Leather

Our chair is upholstered with a stylish,  durable and waterproof leather.

2. Adjustable Foot Pad

This useful design also can keep your chairs stable even on the uneven ground.

3. Strong Weight Capacity

Sturdy frame constructed with solid wood provides you the stability you need while the ultra-high backrest design and rebound sponge offer you a softer and more comfortable support.


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