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by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

There is nothing worse than coming home after a working day and seeing your child or pets sitting beside your scratched leather sofa. However, these “criminals” are your beloveds, and they may look at you with innocent eyes and didn’t realize anything went wrong. You have to pluck up yourself and face the scene of the crime.

Three main kinds of scratches on sofa&couch

The minor scratch is the most common one, of which only the coating is damaged while under the coat, the couch itself is intact. And this kind of scratch is easy to fix. Another kind of scratch is a deep scratch, which means the cover of the sofa has been broke down. The deep scratch is harder to fix, but if you follow the right step with the specified professional material, it will be easier. The final kind of scratch is the side scratch, which appears on the sides of your leather sofa&couch, if you think little of it, it may turn to a big problem.

Three solutions to your sofa&couch scratch problem

Generally speaking, the sofa & couch maintenance personnel only deals with a symptom of the problem, not its cause, which is expensive as well. You may think about doing it yourself. Maybe today you don’t want to do anything, or you are in a good mood to refresh your sofa although the seemingly fiddly job. Therefore, We here provide you various solutions with different difficulty degree to your sofa&couch scratch problem.


Hiding the sofa&couch scratch may be the most facile solutions. There are two options for you.

Firstly, the throw pillow is useful for hiding small sofa scratch and can leave a comfortable look. This is a good choice especially when you have an impromptu party or unexpected guests. To make the hiding more reasonable, It is important to change the design and the style of your throw pillow according to seasonal variation. The fabric, color of the throw pillow on your sofa can affect your whole home style.

Secondly, using sofa slipcover may solve your all scratch problems. Slipcover can not only hide the scratched area and leave a decent look but also protect your sofa from cats scratch. If your leather sofa is too scratched to fix, the sofa cover can hide all the scratches. Also, you should pace your sofa cover style with your home decor style. To make your cats and your new leather couch coexist peacefully, the slipcover can protect your leather from further scratch.


Sometimes, things go contrary to our wishes. If the scratch of leather sofa&couch appears, there are also some tips for you.

If the scratch is minor, put some liquid egg white on the scratching area and wipe its edge. When it is dry, your leather sofa&couch will look new.

If the scratch is deep, there are some useful steps.

1, Bonding. Use the professional glue coheres the breakage. If there is a hole in your leather sofa&couch, glue it with the suitable leather.

2, Fill up the damage. Use the blade with sofa patching cream crape the breakage until it is smooth. Then dry it your hair dryer. You can repeat the step in case it shrinks.

3, Color. Firstly, color modulation. Toning water base colorant equably until its color keeps pace with your leather sofa&couch. Embellish the color you have toned on the breakage, then dry it your hair dryer. You can repeat the step to the best look. Secondly, embellish the silicone feeling agent and matte agent on the breakage, then dry it with your hair dryer. You can repeat the step to the best look.



The useful precaution can avoid the whole hassles. Since your pets or children are the sources of the scratch problem, we may give you some advice associated with your pets and children.

For children, the best solution is that helping them to cultivate a healthy habit. Tell them directly that their behavior of scratching sofa&couch is not allowed.

For pets, there are some available methods for you.

  • Put some vinegar on your sofa, because pets don’t like it. Or put pepper water and lemon water around your sofa, which has the same effect.
  • Secondly, buy your pet an exclusive sofa, where pets can do whatever they want. Provide more appealing alternatives.
  • Train your pets. Cultivate well-behaved habit for your pets when it is young. When your pet like cats is scratching your sofa, you can warn your cats. When it changes its behavior, give it some sweets.
  • Find substitutes. Sometimes, for pets, there is nothing going wrong with them, they just want to scratch something to release their mischievous nature. For these cases, pets scratching board or a carton in your home is a good choice.
  • Dull your pets’ claws to reduce damage.

Scratch is part of leather sofa&couch especially when you have children or pets. If you are reluctant to pay for the palliatives maintenance, you can hide the scratch with a throw pillow or sofa&couch slipcover. If you want to deal with the scratch of sofa&couch with low cost and fewer efforts, you can do it yourself and follow our clean steps. If you suffer a lot from the scratch of sofa&couch and determine to solve the problem sweepingly, you can address the source of the problem associated with your cat and child.

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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