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by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

Why DIY:

Although there are many ready-made slipcovers on the market, it’s not easy to pick the perfect one. Custom covers are not only expensive but also need to wait for a long time. The DIY couch cover can solve this problem quickly. Some people will say it is too much trouble, but in fact, this is not as difficult as you think so. If you follow the next tutorial to do it, you will find that getting a perfect slipcover can be such an easy thing.


Scissors,cloth(choose one with your favorite color and material) ,ruler,elastic,sewing machine,water-soluble pen,needle and thread.


1.Divide your sofa into different parts and number the chunks.  We need to cut the fabric according to the different areas of the sofa. Number the pieces could prevent messing it up later.

2.Measure the size. Then plus 5 cm based on the data, because we need to serge the cloth later. The numbers must be accurate, otherwise it will affect the next steps.

3.To make full use of the fabric, we’d better draw the pattern on paper first. This requires a little logical thinking ability.

4. Cut the fabric according to the pattern with siccors, and just in case, you could also number it.

5.Serging the cloth, don’t worry, it could be easy with the sewing machine.This is an indispensable step.

6. Attach elastic, so it would be easy to be fixed on the sofa and won’t slip down frequently. This step needs  little patience and attention.

7.The last step is to install it. Then you will get a perfect slipcover with little money. All you need is some time and energy.

This is a simple tutorial. If you have had DIY experience, DIY couch covers must not beat  you .However ,If you still find it difficult to start,you might as well look at thesecouch slipcovers.

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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