How to find a slipcover to perfect fit your couch?

June 25, 2018

How to find a slipcover to perfect fit your couch?

In order to find a slipcover which perfectly fit your couch, so many points you should consider: color, style, fabric, type, fit, and pattern. There are several types of slipcovers which are divided into two sorts: fitted and non-fitted slipcovers.

How to determine the proper slipcover fit?

Since slipcovers come in many sizes, it’s necessary to measure your couch before purchasing.

Measurement of fitted slipcovers

First of all, take note of the longest measurement of your chair or sofa, including the arms. Also, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of your couch, as some covers have a ruffled or pleated skirt at the bottom. If you hope to get a more fitted and custom look, just measure twice! If you’d like a more laid-back feel, an approximate measurement will do. Or, consider a loose-fit slipcover.

Besides, determine if the furniture has a tight back, attached pillow back or a loose pillow back, and don’t forget to count the number of seat cushions. Many slipcover brands will provide measurement guides, making it easy for the shopper to choose the right size slipcover for his or her needs.

Measurement of non-fitted slipcovers

For non-fitted slipcovers, you won’t need to fuss over exact measurements, yet you can still achieve that same casual affect. Although they fit several different sizes of sofas, it is still important to measure your piece and purchase the size that best corresponds to its dimensions. To get the proper size, measure from the outside edge of one arm to the outside edge of the other. If the slipcover comes with a skirt or a ruffle for the bottom, be sure to measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of your sofa as well.

Which type of slipcovers do you want?

1. Fitted slipcovers

Ready-Made Slipcovers

Ready-made, generic-fit slipcovers are available at main retailers. They are suitable for mass-produced, standard-size furniture, and require tucking and pinning for a proper fit. If the cover does not fit tightly, the fabric may bunch and wrinkle. However, these are the most cost-effective covers, and in most cases, machine washable. Ready-made slipcovers work well in casual, high-traffic areas where the need for laundering is likely.

Semi-Custom Slipcovers

Semi-custom slipcovers are a step above ready-made slipcovers and less expensive than the custom fit. They are a kind of special ready-made cover which can fit a specific piece of furniture., but they can better fit than a ready-made slipcover and usually machine washable. You can calculate the measurements at home and submit them to a slipcover manufacturer. However, semi-custom slipcovers do not have the form-fit of a custom slipcover or the designer touches that many custom slipcovers will have. In some cases, semi-custom slipcovers are available with separate cushion covers.

Custom Slipcovers

Custom – fitted slipcovers come the closest to resembling upholstery. Consequently, they are the most expensive choice and not always machine washable. These covers need professional measurement and they are suitable for specific furniture. The cushions and frame covered separately for a better fit, giving a more upholstered look. The greatest benefit of this choice is that the options are limitless. The buyer can determine the exact look of the slipcover, including color, style, fabric, and pattern.

Fabrics Best For Fitted Slipcovers

Fitted covers require a fabric strong enough to be able to hold its shape. The fabric should not be too heavy or stiff, but tightly constructed so as not to reveal the upholstery underneath. Scores of options are available for fitted slipcovers.

In addition to the budget, important considerations for purchasing slipcovers are fit, style, and material. Improper fit can stop the project before it begins, and the wrong style can clash with the design of the room. The inappropriate fabric may be difficult to clean, or it may display wrinkles when the fabric should lie smooth.

2. Non-fitted slipcovers

Adjustable/Loose-fit Slipcovers

Adjustable slipcover is a non-fitted, loose style, and sometimes known as furniture throws. Adjustable slipcovers are some of the smartest choices for people who want style and simplicity. They tend to be suitable for a wide range of different sofa sizes or a casual room, so they are versatile and easy to put on. That also means that you can take off them easily so you can wash them when necessary. Non-fitted slipcovers may simply be a piece of fabric or fabric plus an elasticized ruffle around the bottom of the piece of furniture it covers.

Fabrics Best For Non-Fitted (Loose) Slipcovers

There are a handful of fabrics which are suitable for non-fitted slipcovers.

Broadcloth is a plain, tightly woven material usually made of cotton or a cotton blend. It comes in a variety of colors and may contain a slight sheen.

Flannel is a very comfortable fabric which raw material are  natural fibers. It feels soft on both sides.

Linen is a soft, lustrous fabric, and comes in many styles. Medium to heavy weights is suitable for slipcovers. Linen blend combinations are also appropriate.

Another choice for loose slipcovers is Monk’s Cloth. It has a unique basket weave texture, is very soft, and drapes well. It is typically white to off-white but is available in a variety of additional hues.

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