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by Kat Cooper June 25, 2018

Microfiber couch is ideal sofa for your living room if you like sofa feeling and easy cleaning.But Sometimes, it can be a double-edged sword.

1. What is Microfiber and what is it made of?

Microfiber is a kind of synthetic fiber that is thinner than silk and human hair. Like other man-made, it is made from polyester or polyamides (such as nylon, Kevlar, etc). Because of its thickness, it can be woven much tightly. Thus, there can be less dust and granule falling into the fabric. And, what’s more, it can also prevent more water from being absorbed by the fabric. This can give you a short window of time to dry it up.

2.The Advantage of Microfiber Couch

Keep Out Allergens: Dust does not affect a microfiber couch as it would be a regular cloth-covered couch. The fine fibers filter dust, preventing it from accumulating significantly. Any dust that does remain on the couch can be easily removed by a quick pass with a vacuum.This resistance to dust accumulation makes microfiber a great choice for users who suffer from dust allergies and other types of allergies


Since microfiber is water-repellant, it handles spills well, keeping them on the surface rather than letting them seep into the couch’s padding. This means that even a gray microfiber couch lasts without showing unappealing stains. If owners of a microfiber couch take care to clean it right away after they notice dirt or spots, they should be able to avoid any permanent staining to the fabric.

Easy to clean:

All you need to do is wipe with a dry cloth or use a small vacuum. (In another paragraph, I will simply tell how to clean a microfiber couch)


It is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on.


It holds up well to cleaning and usage and maintains its color for many years. And because of tightly woven, it can prevent scratch from most pets.

3.The Disadvantage of Microfiber Couch

You have to get rid of the lint, even though, microfiber couch is easy to clean and nearly waterproof. It will stick almost everything related to lint, threads, fur, and hair. You have to consider this, if two thirds of the time you are lying on the sofa when stay at home. It will really annoy you while cleaning the hair. And, your pets will also make microfiber couch even more massive.

If you get a light color microfiber couch, jeans or dark color clothes can easily transfer their color on it.

4.Microsuede Should Be Considered While Choosing Microfiber Couch

Microsuede is also a man-made fiber, which is a type of Microfiber. And mostly, it’s made of millions of polyester microfiber. Therefore, it is a very fine fiber. Sometimes, it’s even a hundred of times finer than a human hair. These delicate fibers are woven to create a thickset fabric that has same quality as suede. And it’s also much easier to clean and much softer.

5.How To Clean A Microfiber Couch And the Maintaining

Cleaning your microfiber sofa does not need much fuss but it would still be of significance if you practice appropriate cleaning methods. Most modern furniture manufacturers include cleaning instructions on the manual or on the tag found at the back or lower portion of the sofa. From there, you will know the right cleaning product to use. Microfiber sofas can be cleaned with either a solvent-based or water-based cleaner. This is also indicated in the manual or on the tag. The letter “W” means water while the letter “S” means solvent. Both letters may appear which means that both cleaners can be used.

Main a microfiber couch is a sort of thing that is not easy to deal with. See the guide here, you will find how to take care of it.


Every coin has two side. Whether to it or not, it’s all up to you. If you are a neat freak, and do not care for the lint or something, microfiber can be good choice. Otherwise, I recommend a slipcover for your beloved sofa. It can be much easier to clean and it’s also not expensive.

Kat Cooper
Kat Cooper

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