by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

Do you ever want an assistant when you’re exhausted after doing so many household chores? But in reality, there is no one left to help you. Your kids are out for school and your husband is busy with the work. There are only your pet and you who crowded in a messy house.

Suddenly, a bright idea comes into your brain: why can’t your pet share your happiness and woe?

It can not only ease the burden of house cleaning but also promote the relationship between you and him/her. What an enjoyable activity that spices up your life!

Here are some funny ways to train your pets help to do the chores.

1. Training puppy to help move something heavy

When vacuuming the floor, there are some barriers on the floor. Your vacuum cleaner may be blocked at the corner of carpets and rugs. Your super-dog can remove obstacles for you and let the cleaning process go smoothly.

2. Train them to mop the floor by using a cleaning cloth

Just raise their fore-paws and move forward as an environmental protection guard. The cleanliness of your house, give it to him!

3. Wipe off the dust

Bite a small broom to remove dust on tables, photo frames and corners everywhere at home. A moving dust catcher, we all love you!

4. Wash the dishes

Run to open the switch of the dishwasher, and then the plate issue has been done effortlessly.

5. Throw the rubbish

Dear, please don’t recycle something you want but I don’t. Your task is only to throw them away:)

6. Train to fetch the newspaper from the letter box

Good boy! Although I would never mind holding a piece of newspaper with full of your saliva, can you stop drooling on the paper?

7. Help with the laundry

Yeah! Turn on that switch. “Why these pieces of stuff spinning in circles over and over again?” the pet sit beside.

8. Weed control

“This garden is mine! I love to take a ride on my land.”

9. Help you lift some heavy stuff when outside

Help yourself. Buy whatever you want. I’m the Hercules and will carry heavy things for you.

10. Take care of your baby

“Oh, is it cozy on my body? I will always be here by your side.”

In fact, they’re other people’s pets. Your pets only make trouble for you. Be patient, just pray for this day coming!

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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