Old Sofa Solution: Spray Your Old Sofa Like a Graffiti Artist

June 25, 2018

Old Sofa Solution: Spray Your Old Sofa Like a Graffiti Artist

There are many ways to renovate your old sofa. The old sofa solution below is a different way to transform your sofa into brand new one.  Just follow the paragraph, and see how to spray your old sofa like a graffiti artist.

Choose A Tag

When you want to start graffiti art on your old sofa, the easiest way is to put a tag on it. For graffiti artist, a tag is an alternate identity.
But, for your sofa, it will be a unique icon.


The tag is a simple signature, and it’s all about handwriting and calligraphy. And what exactly is a tag?  The form can be a nickname, which can be anything, a word that related to your name, or the number, letters, and symbol you like, or even a secret code.


What does tag actually look like? It’s a form of art. They can be curvy, square, or angular. And you can explore the Internet and find out these artworks(font). And the most awesome thing is that you can type your favorite letters or your name into sample box or preview box on some websites. It’s definitely free to see what you typed in graffiti tag style.


You can try websites below with their sample boxes. This step will help to save a lot of time, and you can buy what you really like or download free one to your computer. But, it’s better to choose a style that matches your room decoration.





After getting your tag, copy it on paper and practice it over and over again.


Spray Your Old Sofa Instead of Brushing

When brushing your sofa, there are a lot things need to prepare. Like you need to mix water with dye stuff. Even though follow the instruction, the color might be a little different. You need to test the color once again and again. If you were a patient person, I highly recommend this way. You may quite enjoy it. Perhaps, you were terribly lucky, and only in a few minutes, you work it out. And the color also looks extremely decent. But, how about the next ten colors? How I hope you can finish all the tasks so fast.


Then, you start to brush. This is not so difficult. Once you begin to do it, make sure you have discussed with a plaster expert. After all, it’s all about ‘wall brushing’. What’s more, you also need to notice the color, which will spread away fast.


What about spraying? It’s the art. Like brushing, do the basic works, sketch a graffiti first. Just like, sketch on a piece of paper. After finishing all these foundation work, just spray it. Create a great artwork for your home.

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