Old Sofa Solutions : 2 Perfect Tactics

June 26, 2018

Old Sofa Solutions : 2 Perfect Tactics

Are you tired of the pattern of your old sofa? Or your old sofa is full of scratches, and it’s too expensive to afford a new one. Then, tactics below will inspire you and help to renovate old sofa in some ways.

First Tactic: Renovate Old Sofa By Reupholsterying

1.Choose Your Style

Style or design of the sofa can be the most important reason why you want to renovate old sofa. There are a lot of resources on the Internet. Click the mouse and save the picture as you like. It is such an easy thing. But if you are worried about the final exterior of the sofa, just go to local stores and take out your cellphone, then capture what you like. Yet, time is always precious, make sure you are not lost in a bunch of fancy designs.


2.Select Right Fabric for Your Sofa

Choose a proper fabric for your sofa is also a huge project unless you are a fabric specialist. But don’t worry, here are a few questions can help you to figure it out.

Q1. Which composition of fabric do you want to buy, and the budget?

It can be polyester, cotton, linen, blended or others. Obviously, polyester fabric is always the cheapest one.

Q2. What function does your family need?

Let’s see, if you are a bachelor, I don’t think this question will greatly work for you. Alright, let’s get back to the business! No matter how many kids you do have, I think, natural stuff can be the best choice. In some ways, the eco-friendly polyester fabric is something that not so environmental as the seller promised. As for other functions, waterproof can be an extra option, if your pets or kids really need this. And for the stain proof or scratches proof, to be honest, I fail to find such a magic one. If you are persistent to look for this one, maybe metal cover could be a better choice!

3.Start Up Your Project

Anyway, measurement always comes first before buying your favorite fabrics. Also, don’t forget to take a photo before you tear your old sofa apart. It is just in case that you are over-excited and forget the old look of your sofa. Believe it or not, people are born to love the new and loathe the old, except the author! 


After you carefully take apart your old sofa, check the cushion first. If filling materials inside cushions still can work for you, that means, the seller is a trustworthy business man. If not, purchase a high-quality foam(2.5 lb to 3 lb), which will retire after a long time. Anyhow, the final decision is yours.

Next, it’s time to work out new upholstery and assemble it.

The first thing is to cut your fabric. There are no special tricks, just use the old cover as a pattern and cut the shape out(Don’t throw the old cover so fast, even if you will have a new one.). And here are two things need to notice:

1.On seamed edge, cut 1/2”from the old seam.

2.On stapled edge, add 2-3”more, which will be used to pull the fabric cover onto the sofa.


Second, sew the fabric. Follow these steps, things will be easier.

1.Use older heavy duty metal sewing machine with heavy duty thread and a heavy needle is needed.

2.Use the zipper foot to sew along welting edge.

3.Use a 1/2”seam allowance.


The third procedure is to attach the new fabric to the sofa with a good heavy-duty staple gun. By far, things are almost done. The final process is to attach brand-new stuff to your sofa from inside out. It might be a struggle, but all things worth it! Enjoy your time!


Second Tactic: The Most Simple Way

Compare to reupholstering, there is one much easier way to renovate old sofa-buying a slipcover for it. The only thing you may need is to compare the price! If you quite enjoy DIY, ok, good luck!

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