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by Kat Cooper June 25, 2018

The sofa is the second place where you spent the most time at home and an important furniture to show your home decor style. There is nothing worse to switch your sofa just because of the permanent stains, scratch, or the unfit decor style, which seems a daunting and pricey task. Don’t worry; there is a simple switch that is easy, affordable and can make a significant impact–covering your sofa with a new slipcover( why you need a couch slipcover). If you have a good handcraft and enjoy DIY, you may consider making it yourself . But if you are not, Don’t worry. In Subrtex website, there are various sofa slipcover options that can suit 90% sofa. Now read Subrtex sofa slipcover shopping guide and tips to help you to choose the best slipcover for your sofa.

1. Size and measurement

Due to slipcovers have many sizes, it’s important to measure your furniture before rushing to buy it. Before purchasing slipcovers, you’ll need to measure your chair, loveseat or sofa so you can find a slipcover in the right size.  Don’t take it troublesome, because our fabric does stretch quite a bit; you only need to measure the width of your sofa. Here is the size of our sofa slipcover for your reference.


Size: Sofa slipcover measures up to 72-92″ inch wide(185-235cm)

Loveseat slipcover measures up to 57-70″ inch wide(145-180cm)

Dining chair slipcover measures up to 32-47″ inch wide(80-120cm)

Our slipcovers are designed and ready-made to fit a wide variety of sofa, feel free to use these guidelines and can definitely reach a good fit.

2. color and pattern

A slipcover can even give new meaning to a room’s decor, making it unique and stylish.

Our sofa slipcovers include the five kinds of styles.

1.Spandex stretch sofa slipcover

2.Jacquard spandex stretch sofa slipcovers

3.knit jacquard stretch sofa slipcovers

4.Flower spandex stretch sofa slipcover

5.Spandex printed fit stretch sofa slipcovers.



There are color rules that should be followed in order for your slipcover to work well with your home decor style instead of clashing.

For the room of mix patterns style, slipcover should have the same background color, no matter what print is used. It is also a good idea to maintain a similar color scheme in the patterns featured, or at least, stick to two or three colors in addition to the background color. But don’t worry, our various color choices can meet your need.

If the color scheme in your room is uncomplicated and only consists of a few colors, it is acceptable to use fabric with a different background. For example, a sofa could be covered with a printed fabric like our Subrtex Spandex Printed Fit Stretch Sofa Slipcovers(链接到印花产品). Using contrasting fabrics works best with simple color schemes. And too many contradictory colors and patterns will overwhelm the room and create a disorganized, cluttered effect. Our sofa is fit for a broad range of interior design style because of the simple and generous design as well as the various color choices.


3. Fabric

Subrtex slipcovers are made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Here are some details about polyester and spandex, from which you can reach our slipcover function from the angle of fabric.

Spandex, known for its exceptional elasticity, is stronger and more durable than natural rubber. Because of its elasticity and strength (stretching up to five times its length), 15% spandex allows our slipcover featured by “ one size fits all. ”

Polyesters include naturally occurring chemicals, such as in the cutin of plant cuticles, as well as synthetics through step-growth polymerization such as polybutyrate. As a widely used fabric, polyester distinguishes itself by many outstanding advantages. Polyester is featured by good elasticity, high strength,   Heat-resistant, good water-proof and its colorfastness is good .

Form-fitting covers are made from stretch fabrics of a polyester and spandex blend can offer a more modern and tailored look.

 4. Functions of Subrtex sofa slipcover

1.And we pay attention to the users’ experience. The highly stretchy sofa covers can fit almost 90% sofas. It wraps your sofa in all rounds with wholehearted care.

2.Our sofa covers are stylish. Perfect craftsmanship makes our sofa covers practical and aesthetic.Its soft tactility, clear texture and high resilience give you an unexpected experience.

3. Environment-friendly. 85% polyester and 15% spandex environmental-friendly material with no chemical smell, so you can totally get rid of the worry about the threat to your health. We believe that we can not only refresh your home but also our common homeland—earth.

4. Prevent your chairs from pets scratches and hairs.  a protects your furniture from spills, stains, wear and tear. It’s great for homes with children and pets. Meanwhile, if there’s a naughty boy in your home, it’s a great way to mitigate the damage to chairs.

5. This sofa cover Can be used for kitchen, bedroom, living room decoration, office or Hotel, wedding banquet, celebration, ceremony, etc.

 5. Price and Comparison

As a manufacturer, we are able to provide affordable products at the incredible quality for customers.

6. Install Tips

Watching installation video click…

7.  wash and care

Machine wash, do not bleach, use mild detergent, tumble dry low

Kat Cooper
Kat Cooper

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