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Pursuing joyful life is our eternal goal, and owning premium sleep is the necessity of our life. Do you often suffer from insomnia or light sleep? Do you often feel anxious or stressed? Subrtex Weighted Blanket can solve these problems for you.

Common blankets VS Weighted blankets


What could the common blankets bring you?

Ordinary blankets will warm you up, but what else?

Why are the weighted blankets so popular?

What could weighted blankets provide in addition to warmth? Do you have sleep disturbance or emotional problems? Subrtex weighted blankets could help you to combat these problems.

How much do you know about weighted blankets?


Are you often suffering from insomnia or light sleep?

Poor sleep takes a serious physical toll on your body. Sleep deprivation results in a higher calories consumption and weight gain, but may also weaken the immune system and reduce sex drive. Moreover, lack of sleep can also cause chronic disorders like heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer disease. Subrtex Weighted Blanket is maximizing relaxation and minimizing body movement for a deeper sleep cycle. This blanket will help you to fall asleep faster and to sleep more deeply every night.


Do you often feel anxious or stressful? After sleep deprivation, our brain’s emotional centers are 60% more reactive than before. It has been shown that “deep touch pressure stimulation” is increasing serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for calming and relaxing, while decreasing cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. In addition to curing emotional disturbances, the weighted blanket could also improve focus for ADHD, help Fibromyalgia Pain, and address symptoms of PTSD to a certain extent.

What's better than being enfolded in a big, warm bear hug?

The DTPS (deep touch pressure stimulation) triggered by using our weighted blankets is providing the same good feeling than a hug provides. As it is shown in the DTPS, serotonin, and melatonin are keys for promoting calmness and security and it improves the ability to relax. Our blanket is stitched with 100% cotton inner layer in order to prevent the massive move of glass beads inside the blanket. Besides, it can also reduce the leakage of beads and make the weight of the blanket evenly distributed 

Let's move forward together to a happier life

Do you have any reason for refusing to own a weighted blanket? The weighted blanket can not only let you experience the sense of warm hug when sleeping, but also help you to cure sleep disturbance and emotional difficulties. Start a happier life from weighted blankets! 


Crystal Wu
Crystal Wu

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May 27, 2019

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