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by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

Everyone who has the experience of interior design may read the feeling: home decor is nothing but a hard battle. In that case, you are exhausted in several months by the desire for realizing various decor ideas. It turns out that you still suffer a lot after living in the house because of the problem of trivial details. It will be too late to regret. Actually, some decor pities can totally be predictable and avoided as long as you following some feasible advice.

1.Rush to decor your house.

Trying to complete all your decorating at once is a huge mistake. There is no doubt that you will feel better after moving in a house with full furniture in a short time. Living here after a while, you may notice the curtain you bought is not satisfying and find the rug is too small for the living room. The wall paint in the bedroom can not match with your furniture. But everything is too late since you have already run out of your budget. Before the decor, you should set aside time for collecting sources and making the comparison. Shop around and make a budget before buying.

2.The storage space is not enough

It is hard to arrange sufficient storage space for the small kitchen while the sun dries enjoy the highest proportion in a kitchen. What can we do if the pots and cans have nowhere to go? It is unwise to leave them on a cooking bench in haphazard, which is inconvenient and unaesthetic.

3.Paint your wall ahead of buying fabrics and textiles

Most people would like to paint their wall first. However, it is hard to make a decision of home decor style according to the wall paint. And it takes costs to change the wall color frequently.  Put that paint brush down! Finding the fabrics and textile you love first and then picking out paint to match will be much easier.

4.Chaotic decor style.

It is very important to focus on one certain home decor style, which can show your personality in some ways. There is nothing worse than coming home to be greeted by the pink wall, black furniture and cartoon picture on the wall, showing someone’s childish heart. You could ask for design advice to decor your unique house. Nowadays, many people have a similar home decor style and don’t know which one is suitable for them. Your home should tell who you are. Don’t follow design trends blindly.

5.Think little of color.

Before painting, you should test the color first. Don’t choose an aggressive color or just use white and black. As time goes by, aggressive color may make you visual fatigue and depressed. The appropriate color makes your home more comfortable.

6.Keep Grandma’s Antique even you dislike it.

All of us has hand-me-down furniture. We put them at our new home, some of them cater to your home decor style, some make your home decor style neither fish nor fowl. Do you have any “guilty” objects in your home? You feel guilty to hide it in the basement even though you hate it just because it is from your grandma? Why make the big mistake of interior design? Why don’t just follow your heart and have something in your home that comes along with your happiness and comfortable home decor style?

Have you ever made any of these mistakes in your home

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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