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by Cyril Cyril June 26, 2018

Many dog owners may have a plenty of experience in dealing with dogs’ behavior problems. However, some may get confused why their dogs are deeply addicted to chewing. We all love our dogs, but if your home looks like suffering bomb attacks when you get home from work, you will never say that. If you want to stop it, the first step is to figure out the reasons why your dog chew all the time.

1. It’s an important part  of teething procedure.

Puppies are full of curiosity and energy; they desire to explore the world by mouths. And just like babies, they commonly teethe for six months which usually cause discomfort. Chewing can not only facilitate teething but also significantly make them feel better.

If you don’t want the apple of your eye in your dog’s mouth, try to give your dog toys which are distinguishable from household goods. And then you need to teach them what to chew.

2. Dog chewing for killing time in their way.

Dogs always have too much energy, especially puppies. When they are boring, they are destructive dogs. Especially when he stays at home for extended periods of time with no person or no toys to play with. They need a way to kill time and consume their excess energy, so your dog chew.

A tired dog is a good dog, make sure they get a plenty of exercises or provide puzzle toys to keep them occupied.

3. Feeling anxious because of separation.

For adult dogs, they chew because of anxiety. They will feel upset and get anxious after their owners leave the house. Especially when their owners are going to have a vacation for several days.

If your dog seems to worry when you’re heading out, destroys stuff when you leave the house, try this: leave your clothes that smell like you on the couch, keep the radio or TV on.

4. For fear of punishment.

Animals usually associate punishment with what they’re doing when you’re punishing them. The “guilty looks” that dogs show when you are angry are postures of being threatened. They will feel scary due to your tone of voice and then chew something because it can make them calm down, but not you maybe.

You should take care with punishment. Try not to shout aloud because it will not stop the behavior but encourage the behavior even more.

5. Chewing for your attention.

Just like little kids, if your dog desires for attention, they will try a variety of methods to get it, even a negative one. If you ignore your dog for a long while, only when he does something wrong you take notice of him, he will keep doing it.

If your dog keeps chewing for your attention, first ignore it. And then you need to pay more attention to your dog and let your dog feel beloved.

More advice

If you notice that your dog is extremely passionate about chewing for happiness and you don’t want to take it over, then just let it go. And you’d better prepare some furniture protectors.



Based on the research provided by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Cyril Cyril
Cyril Cyril

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