why you need a slipcover for your Ikea sofa?

June 26, 2018

why you need a slipcover for your Ikea sofa?

The IKEA sofa is a preference of many families now. When you buy an IKEA sofa, don’t forget its best partner. So that is slipcover, and here are some reasons about its indispensable.

Easy cleaning

After a period, most owners would find that the sofa gets dirty too quickly. Then how to clean it would become a big problem. Firstly, you need to take the cover off from the couch. It won’t be too easy. And leather sofa owners could skip this step: ). Next, not all kinds of IKEA sofa covers are machine washable.If your covers can not machine washable, you can also give up cleaning it yourself. Finally, assemble the cover as it was could be a great project.

Slipcovers could solve these problems easily. Almost all of slipcovers on the market can machine wash. When covers get dirty, you just throw the covers into the washing machine and switch it on. There is no need to cost additional money to dry-cleaning or cleaning by the operator.


For pets owners and parents, protect sofa could be a big challenge, such as cleaning cat scratches or a few spills. Slipcovers could keep these happy “accidents” off from your sofa, which reduce some unnecessary economic losses for you.

Various style

There are not many choices of color and style of IKEA sofa. The styles of slipcovers are diverse. No matter what decoration style it is, you can find a suitable cover.

You may like the couch model but hesitate to buy because of its cover. Then you should try the slipcover, a perfect solution for your dilemma. You may want to renovate your home with a limited budget. You absolutely can select a satisfying slipcover without changing the sofa, which could greatly save money.


If you have an old IKEA sofa, don’t rush to throw it away. The slipcover will breathe new life into your sofa. There are thousands of old furniture that are discarded every year, which puts such a heavy burden on the environment. So purchasing slipcover for your old couch not only save you a lot of money but also be good for the environment.


Slipcovers have so many advantages, so more and more people start using it. With the increase of its popularity, except for IKEA covers, there are a larger number of other brands for IKEA sofa. It means you have more selections to purchase a perfect slipcover.

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