Subrtex 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket Heavy Blanket


Choosing A Weight

Designed To Be 9% - 12% of Your Body Weight

130LBS - 160LBS
15LBS & 48" x 72"
130LBS - 160LBS
15LBS & 60" x 80"
180LBS - 220LBS
20LBS & 60" x 80"


Product Specs

We created the Subrtex Weighted Blanket to help aid those that struggle with sleep, the minds that can't stop spinning and to help remove those elephants off your ches

The Subrtex Weighted Blanket applies an even amount of pressure over your body to help the production of serotonin and melatonin (the body's primary sleep hormones), simulating Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. It feels like a warm hug, immediately sending you into a state of comfort and relaxation.

The Subrtex Weighted Blanket is made with organic cotton material and designed to promote a sense of calmness and relaxation for more restful sleep and is also quite durable (highly unlikely your pet could damage it). Wake up feeling refreshed!

Due to its weight, the Subrtex Weighted Blanket is NOT machine washable. You can clean it with warm water and mild detergent lay flat and let dry. Additionally, we recommend you use it with our duvet cover to minimize the need for cleaning.

20 lb Blankets:
60 in x 80 in (152.4 cm x 203.2 cm)
Slightly Smaller than a Standard Queen Sized Blanket

15 lb Blankets:
48 in x 72 in (121.92 cm x 182.88 cm)
Slightly Smaller than a Standard Twin Sized Blanket

45 Night Money Back Guarantee

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