Brand Story

How we started

Simon, the founder of Subrtex who grew up in California . He is a pet lover and adopts several pets. However, what extremely bothered him is that their sofa is easy to be messed by these pets. He came to the store to look for a suitable slipcover but only found nothing. Suddenly one idea came into his mind: why not design a “one size fits all” slipcover by my own?

He visited several home decor stores and tried many materials such as cotton, linen, nylon and polyester. Only found that polyester is the most durable and cost-effective fabric which can stand the test of time. How to confirm the standard size of slipcover is another big challenge. He took perseverance to collect abundant data of sofa size both from local stores and shopping websites. Finally, he managed to work out the final size. Through constant and strict test, our slipcovers can easily fit nearly 98% of sofa.  To rescue people in similar situation, the founder of Subrtex starts his business......

What we do

Subrtex!  Simon created Subrtex to sell his own slipcover in Sep 5, 2010. 

Amazon! Oct 20, 2010, Subrtex launched its first product on Amazon. We take fully advantages of customer reviews. Subrtex constantly improves the fabric to make our products more eco-friendly and resistant to fur and hair.

There is no exception for new product to escape from being questioned. Subrtex is always on its way to accomplish perfect. With more and more capable and passionate employees’ efforts , Subrtex firstly gained the Amazon best seller in Aug 10, 2013. Increasingly improved quality and service keep Subrtex the reputation for a long time.

Brand culture

What begins as a simple idea from Simon’s childhood experience has evolved into a powerful business company.

Customer care

Keeping pace with our original intention. We aims to improve your sense of home happiness from design, color and material.

Environment care

Subrtex seeks for material with respect for animals and environment.

Be passionate

Enabling our customer to live a more functional, beautiful and comfortable life at home with affordable price is what we do.

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