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Installation Guide

Fitting Instructions of our two Pieces Slipcover

 Now let us show you how to cover your sofa with simply four steps. 

Step 1

Remove any pillows and sofa cushions

Open the package of  your sofa slipcover

Step 2

Find the the label indicating “BACK” on the inner hem of the sofa cover.  Locate it on the left bottom of your sofa’s back. 

Locate the two top points of headrest of the slipcover.

Pull the slipcover down to the bottom of your sofa. Make sure the back seam of the slipcovr parallel to the floor. and the Subrtex label is on the left of the sofa

Step 3

Pull down the fabric from the back to the front. Hold the armrests' seam in place. continue to pull to get a tailored look.

After that, continue to pull to get a tailored look.

Step 4

Tuck and check, If you have extra fabric, please tuck it between the sitting and back cushions until a best fit is achieved.

Step 5

Now let’s start to cover the sitting cushion. Choose a side to fit the two points, then pull down the fabric to cover the entire cushion. Smooth the fabric until wrinkles disappear

Step 6

Replace your throw pillow and sofa cushion back your sofa. Now all you have to do is to smooth the fabric until wrinkles disappear. You have successfully finished the covering procedure.