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  • Founded in 1998, Subrtex is a rapidly growing e-Commerce home decor company that values design, manufacturers, and trade.We believe that happiness starts at home, which is why we strive to create and design only the best products for you and your family to make your home a happy one.
  • We specialize in mattresses, universal slipcovers and other household essentialsto bring you durability and comfort. Our products are eco-friendly and made with the highest quality materials at a price we’re proud of.
  • We adopts online and offline sales strategies to sell exquisite household products. We have developed number of large transit warehouses in many places to form a tight and efficient logisticsmode with the help of our self-developed AI intelligent management system to offer an inspirational shopping experience for our customers.
  • We know there is no place like home, and we always aspire to make products that will fill your home with style, comfort, and happiness.