Why Subrtex Slipcover


One size fits all: We pay attention to the users' experience. The highly stretchy sofa cover can fit nearly 90% of sofas.

Sofa fabric: Its soft texture and high resilience give you an unexpectedly luxurious experience.

EASY CLEANING: All of the slipcovers at Subrtex are machine washable. When covers get dirty, simply slip it and throw it into the washing machine to freshen up your sofa. There is no need to spend additional money on dry-cleaning or professional cleaning.

PROCTOR: For pet owners and parents, protecting your sofa can be a big challenge. Slipcovers can help shield your favorite sofa or chair from the occasional spill, or scratch that can permanently damage your furniture.

Environmentally Friendly: Thousands of old furniture get discarded each year, which puts a heavy burden on the environment. Purchasing a slipcover for your couch can not only save you a lot of money but can also help save our environment. Be kind to our planet and breathe new life into your sofa.

DECOR SOLUTION: We offer a large selection of fabrics, patterns, and prints so you’ll be sure to find the perfect slipcover for you and your home. Update your decor with a brand new style and look in no time at all.