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Lone Star State
Lone Star State

I like it. I went on YouTube. It was a very easy video. It looks pretty good. It’s comfortable, and I am thinking about looking into getting a matching cover for my coach. The wings don’t fit as snug as the picture, but so what. I also like the idea of being able to remove it and wash.

Noah's Ark.
Randy wells

Love this!! Orange is super bright, perfect for our little dark den, might be a little bright in a traditional space. Easy to put on, love the fabric. Would definitely buy again for another chair.

Anna Miller
Becky Lee

Fits well, requires little adjusting. Excellent coverage. Would purchase this product as needed for other furniture if needed.


I love it! I was a bit hesitant at first that it might not fit my high chairs but the cover is stretchable and thick fabric, it was actually perfect. I will order different colors as well to suit the occasions. Highly recommended!

beth zimmer
beth zimmer

Exactly what I was looking for. Good price, I will probably order a gray one once my walls are repainted.

Enrique M
Enrique M

This is an awesome buy, protects our new couch great (86inW), except ours came with a hole. Big enough to stick your finger in. Will probably just sew ourself, but was hoping the quality would be a lot better for the price.

Product Specs

SIZE:Suitable for wing chairs that are 27.5~31.5 inches long, 37.4~43.3 inches high and 31.5~36.2 inches wide. It can fit most sizes of wing chairs. For detailed installation steps, please refer to our video or installation instructions in the package

Fabric: We use high quality materials which have great elasticity, covering your wing chair better. Our 2-pieces Wingback Chair Slipcovers consist of 2 parts, one is base slipcover and the other is cushion slipcover. It could fit your wingback chair more perfect than 1 piece wing chair cover , and not easy to slip.

WARRANTY : We are confident in our products’ quality. If you are unsatisfied with our products whichever aspects, please connect with us firstly, and we will give you a satisfying result. We will do our best.

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3.86 Average

29 Reviews


however they did not fit loved the quality

Riikka Airisto

Does not fit over the wings. Yes, I measured. Fabric too sheer. You forgot my company name on the shipping label and I had to track down several times. I tried to return but never received my return label and your customer service person is rude, very rude.


The cover is of good quality, however, it didn’t fit my wing chair very well.

Elsie Barnes

They fit my wingback chairs poorly and I can see the pattern of the upholstery through the slip covers. I am in the process of looking for the return policy.

Carol Carll

Love the two piece! I personally had difficult time figuring how to fit it to chair.


The slipcover was day-glo orange. Ridiculous. And I called and called customer service and there was never an answer. Basically I wasted a bunch of money.


Bought for wing back chair. It did not fit. There was not enough fabric between the wings to tuck in. Totally unusable. Tried on 2 different chairs. Fit neither. The fabric and color were fine. Would like to return.

Kathy Bailes

Product is not the color or look I information to return the item enclosed and return address is in Chinese..just going to write my 50 plus dollors off! Wont use them again

Deborah Caldwell

I am not completely satisfied with them because they don't fit right. the arms are about 4 inches too long for my specific chairs and the top doesn't fit but I made it work.

Donna JordanLabbie

Beautiful color and material but doesn’t fit tightly to the chair.


It look wonderful and feel great.

Mona White

Let's have a conversation about expectation vs reality. If you're buying this slip cover expecting it to go on your chair and make it look like a newly upholstered dream, move on and just go get your chair upholstered. Seriously. Nothing will be good enough. If you're looking to just cover the existing upholstery on a chair and want it to look pretty good and not like something that you'd find in a frat house, then this is the cover for you. It's a little hard to get on and once you do, there's a lot of extra material. It took some fussing and tucking, but I managed to get it to look pretty good. The material is a little weird - it's like super soft checks - but that's not really an issue. The cover comes with these foam rolls that remind me of mini pool noodles that you tuck into the sides around the cushion. It keeps the extra material in place and keeps it looking not super lumpy. Add a cute af pillow to it and no one will even know.


Decent slipcover for the price. I would order it again. Fits the chair well and serves its purpose!


I am very pleased with the purchase. It was easy to put on the chair and stays put.


Was a little concerned about the legitimacy of this website. But shipping was fast, and I bought the creamy white slipcover and I love it!! It doesn’t fit perfectly but good enough for me, and red chair fabric underneath doesn’t show through. VERY happy with purchase.


The color was several shades lighter than it appeared online so I had to return them for a refund, which was quite costly to do. I never even tried the slipcover on the chair as it was so far off in color.


Very well put together!

Sandra Hughes

My wing back chair cover is nice. I love that it has a separate seat cushion and how the elastic grips it at the bottom. It does not, however stay tucked in at the wings and the arms are too large. For my purposes it works until I can replace the chair but it is not a permanent fix!

brandi steiner

It fit perfectly, made it look like a whole new chair and the color was right on!

Meg Kowalski

I knew it was going to be a long shot, but I was trying to cover cream chairs with red plaid. Unfortunately, the red plaid shows through. I'm not sure if I'm going to fashion an additional cover out of sheets to go underneath or just return at this point. We originally got the chairs at an auction for less than these slip covers, so I don't think I can justify spending much more instead of just replacing the whole chair.

Elizabeth Maldonado

Its a perfect fit. The material is excellent Thank you

Susan Brockmeier

Color was exactly as advertised. Easy to place in my chair.


Feel luxurious,and good quality, however the "wings" part would benefit from an extra piece of material added as it does not show the outline of the wings when on the chair


I purchased two second had wing back chairs for less than $100 for the pair with the intent to reupholster. Once I got a quote of $700 for labor per chair, I knew I needed to find option B. I still need to work on my fabric tucking technique but these really made me happy for my purchase.

Jason Woods

These slipcovers were perfect and exactly what I needed. They fit great and to keep them from slipping since I didn't want to spend the money for the "tuck once grips", I just cut some extra rug grip padding I had leftover into strips and rolled them into long skinny pieces and tucked them into the crevices of the chair on top of the slipcover to hold the tucks. You can't see them at all and it works like a charm!


I am very happy with this purchase. It fits my chair perfectly (which I understand also has to do with the chair itself). I opted for the Olive which is a gray color as you can see in my picture. I only had to spend 5 minutes tucking, so all in all a success!


LOVE it!!! When you open the package up there are some papers that are sewn onto the seat and it says where the top is where the arms are where the front is and where to tuck under the seat cushion very helpful! And easy to remove. I took a picture of the chair when I only tucked it in and I have not used any pins on it yet. I am very pleased with it! I will be pinning it just so it's tight all around but it is great and looks nice!


Fits perfect! The material looks very nice, no visible difference between the parts that are slack and the stretched parts, and not does it stretch! It was super easy to get it placed right and tuck in all the excess. Stays put very well too! Even after plopping down and getting comfy the cover looked neat and tight once I stood up. Also love that it covers the back of the chair so that no matter where you put it or from what angle you look at it it always looks good! It looked a little stretched out where I had been pulling on it to get it situated but those areas went back to normal within a day.


These covers stretch and stretch and stretch some more.The key to making these covers look good is to keep stretching and stretching and stretch some more. And a whole box of T-pins.The chair on the left is the cover put on, tucked in, then the hubs sat on it. It came untucked easily and looks super sloppy. The chair on the right, I stretched and pinned. I think there were about 50 T-pins in the box. Now that it is pinned, it stays tucked in really well even with daily sittings. The teal does not show through at all, and the fabric is not ripping where the pins went in.(The covers are exactly the same...the lighting makes them appear to be different colors.)

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