Extra Soft Latex Pillow for Sleeping

  • PREMIUM SOFT PILLOW: Our Natural Latex Pillows soft as a cloud but still provide just the right amount of lift for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Hyper-responsive latex delivers superior support and gentle contouring for the head and neck, promoting healthy spinal alignment for every type of sleeper.
  • MADE WITH THE FINEST MATERIALS: Memory Foam? Gel Filled? Latex pillows mixed with other TOXIC ingredients? Weird wording and unsure if 100% Natural/Organic? DONT WORRY our latex pillows are made from 100% PURE NATURAL LATEX and contain no memory foam, no synthetic latex, or chemicals. 
  • VENTILATION SYSTEM & BREATHABLE PILLOW: There are many holes inside the pillow which greatly promote the airflow and prevent heating. Cool during summer and comfortably warm during winter.
  • ONE-TIME SHAPING, DURABLE & NEVER DEFORM: It is not filled with shredded latex. Latex Foam is made in molds, so it is bouncy enough and supports the head properly and effectively.